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FIFER's FIFA 20 Realism Mod

Ultra realistic career mod for FIFA 20

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Live Support


You can either join a live chat with me using the live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the website, or join one of the discords. I can help you quicker if you joint he discord.

Features list:


Realistic Sacking/Board

    - The board is now less ruthless, and won't sack you as easily (still more sacking than in FIFA 19)

    - The league and European cup (Champions/Europa League) are now more important than the domestic cup (FA Cup, Copa del Ray, etc) and morale by a lot in terms of manager score and sacking

    - Made the gap bigger between financial strictnesses. Depending on the setting, 65%, 75% or 95% of player sales go back into your transfer budget

    - Now all the remaining transfer budget from the previous season gets added to the new one

    - Significantly failing in the league and/or European competition will now probably get you sacked, but winning the domestic cup could save you

    - Having a few players with bad morale will now no longer get you sacked

    - Stupid things like offering a release clause too high, etc, will now no longer get you sacked

    - You can now be sacked earlier on in the season than before, but you won't unless you are doing really poorly


Realistic Settings

    - Injury returns are now more realistic, and players must play 1-2 games to fully recover

    - Updated currency conversions

    - Award winners for competitions like player of the month are now a lot more realistic

    - Real stadium for the CL final in 2023

    - Real stadium for the EL final in 2021


Realistic Gameplay

    - Gameplay is now more a lot consistent, and in turn, removes some of the "scripting"

    - Derby, rival, away and important games are now more aggressive and harder to play


Realistic Form

    - Form differs between players more

    - Match ratings reflect form more accurately


Realistic Finances

    - Travel costs more

    - Stadium maintenance now costs more

    - Redesigned finance modifiers based on leagues for merchandise and ticket sales (you'll get more money per ticket sold in the Prem and La Liga then in the Bundesliga and Ligue 1)

    - You now get more ticket and merch sales

    - Scouting costs more


Realistic GTN Scouting

    - It now takes less long to scout a player

    - Scouting in own league is now easier

    - Reveal level for info is now higher

    - Player data takes longer to expire


Realistic Job Offers

    - You now get more job offers if you are doing well, less if you are doing badly

    - Only successful/well-known managers get offers from big teams

    - You now get more job offers, from different leagues.


Realistic AI team selection

    - The AI now put out their best 11 in most matches, especially big matches, but in games against smaller teams, in low important games (ie, FA Cup first round), or games that are 2-4 days before a big game, they will rotate and put out a weaker XI.

    - Players in form get picked more often, even if their OVR isn't great (they won't always start but sometimes they will make the bench)


Realistic Morale

    - Fully redesigned morale system

    - Only players in and around the starting XI will start to get unhappy if they aren't playing most games, and will try to force a move away if you don't give them more game time

    - Bench players will be happy with a few starts and minutes off the bench

    - Reserve players will be happy with just a start or two a season, and maybe a few minutes off the bench

    - How a player's morale is calculated is more realistic based on personality. If they are a team player, team performance will be much more important then game time, player performance, and contract happiness, and the opposite for a selfish player

    - The team now gains a lot more happiness for important wins


Realistic AI contract renewal

    - The AI now renews almost all of their player's contracts, so there are only a couple of decent players you can get on free transfers each season


Realistic Player Growth/Decline

    - Players now grow based on form a bit more (dynamic potential mainly affects potentials, but this touches OVRs more)

    - Old players don't decline as fast, and the stats they lose is more widespread, so Messi doesn't lose 10-20 sprint speed in season 2

    - Young players grow more realistically based on position (GKs grow slower than a CM, etc)

    - More realistic AI decline and stats lost based on position (a winger will go down faster than a GK or a CB)


Realistic Player Retirement

    - Players can now play a lot longer (35+)

    - Player retirement based on position is now more realistic (GKs and CBs can play longer then wingers and CMs)


Realistic Player Values

        - Big players like Messi, Mbappe, Ronaldo, etc are worth nearly 200 mil and very hard to buy

        - Form, morale and contract length and potential weight more into morale, so if a player in bad form, with bad morale and a 1-year contract length, his value will be a lot lower then normally

        - High potential players now have a much bigger value and are harder to buy

        - The values of players with good form will go up, and the values of players with bad form will decrease

        - The values of players who are happy go up a bit, and the values of sad players go down slightly

        - The values of players with long contract lengths with rise, and the values of players with short contract lengths will decrease


Realistic Player Wages

    - Wages are lower for the most part

    - Players with high potential now have a higher wage and ask for more (Donnaruma, Mbappe)

    - Players ask for more in top leagues, and less for bottom leagues

    - League modifiers are more realistic (players get paid more in La Liga and the Prem, then Serie A and the Bundesliga, as an example)


Realistic Scouting

    - 90+ potential players are rare and even with 5* 5* scouts, you'll only find a few each season

    - Scouts are more expensive (more than 5 mil for a 5* 5* scout) and it now takes a lot of money to get good players

    - Scouting trips are now more expensive

    - Sacking a scout is more expensive

    - Heights for YA players are now more realistic based on position (GKs and CBs are taller then wingers and fullbacks for the most part)

    - Workrates for YA players are now more realistic based on position (you will rarely find a ST with a low attacking work rate, etc)

    - Skill moves and weak foot for YA players are now much higher and more realistic (no more 1* 1* wingers)

    - YA players now get a lot more traits (1 minimum, but many have more)

    - Scouting instructions to position is now more realistic (attack-minded won't get you CDMs and CBs anymore)

    - More realistic YA wages

    - The potential range for YA players is much broader


Realistic Simulation

    - Teams now win the league with 90+ points, but they rarely get more than 100 points, and if they do, it's only by a couple

    - Teams now get relegated with around 20 points, but REALLY bad teams will get relegated with fewer

    - Table Positions are more realistic (the top 6 in the prem is normally the top 6 now)

    - More goals are scored in general

    - Goalscorers are more realistic, a defender won't win the golden boot, and neither will a 78 rated player. It's the likes of Kane, Sterling, Aguero, etc

    - Assisters are more realistic, it's the likes of Sterling, David Silva, KDB, Mane, etc

    - More injuries happen in sim games

    - The players who get injuries are more realistic, and energy is now a bigger factor, so if you play a player who is low on energy there is a bigger chance they will get injured than before

    - Higher match ratings in sim games to reflect played games

    - More cards happen in games, yellow and redesigned

    - More realistic card obtainers, defenders and midfielders pick up the most cards, and aggression and how bad you are at tackling are all factors


Realistic Transfers, Loans, and Negotiations

    - Teams now don't stock up on one position

    - English players rarely leave England

    - Good teams don't buy bad players with low potential

    - More transfers occur (in the summer window each team will sign normally 2-6 players)

    - Big players move to big teams, and not random countries like Austria

    - Players don't move to rival clubs

    - Fewer players move to teams where they won't start

    - Teams pay more for players, especially on deadline day

    - A team's best players don't go out on loan

    - It's risky to do transfers on deadline day as if you delegate they may take 3+ hours

    - Teams/players now accept fewer low offers compared to what they want (it's a lot harder to negotiate now)

    - More realistic league transfer interactions

    - Every time a player signs/loans for a team they always lose/gain at least 1 potential, which adds a type of dynamic player potential to all teams

    - Teams now sign fewer old players

    - If you are buying a young player, the AI will likely include a future percentage of sale fee clause

    - If you are buying a player from a team who doesn't have a lot of money, or is, in general, a small team, most of the time the AI will include a future percentage of sale fee clause

    - More realistic league ratings, so the Liga NOS, Eredivise, etc are now not considered low tier leagues

    - Teams can now transfer list more players

    - Teams can now take longer to respond to transfer offers, and so can the user

    - Negotiating with a seller/buyer/player is now a lot harder, and the AI will decline/counter more often.


    Realistic Training

        - You can now train all stats (composure, sprint speed, balance, etc)

        - Realistic stats vs drill (composure for penalties, etc)

        - Training is less OP (it's half as effective)


    Realistic Release Clauses

        - Fewer players now have a release clause

        - All La Liga and Liga NOS players now have a release clause


    Realistic Create/Edit player/manager features

        - Unlocked around 10 new manager outfits

        - You can now edit your manager's name, nationality, gender inside a career mode save

        - Minimum height is 130cm and maximum height is 257cm for all offline game modes, such as create player, player career, etc

        - Minimum weight is 30kg and maximum weight is 115kg for all offline game modes, such as create player, player career, etc

        - Unlocked around 5 new GK gloves for all screens

        - Unlocked around 10 new celebrations for all screens

        - You can now edit your player's info in player career (name, nationality, birthdate, etc)

        - You can now edit any player's info in manager career (name, nationality, birthdate, etc)

        - When starting a new player CM you can change your birthdate (you can also change it inside of a save)

        - Full player editing in CM (stats, appearance)

        - No letter limit on names


    Press confrences and player conversations

        - Fixed most typos and grammar errors


    Realistic Graphics:

        - Juventus licensed with real name, kit, logo, banners, etc

        - Fully licensed Serie B with kits, logos, banners, names and more

        - All other unlicensed teams now are licensed with real kits, names, logos, banners and more (in total nearly 25 teams fully licensed)

        - Real banners for around 120 teams

        - New minifaces for hundreds of players

        - Real Badges for all English leagues

        - Real adboards for around 25 clubs and  competitions

        - Real flags for around 70 teams

        - Real logos for around 23 competitions

        - Real tournament textures for 8 competitions


Realistic Faces

    - Bernardo Silva

    - Andreas Pereira

    - Jordi Alba

    - Alexander-Arnold

    - Buffon

    - Douglas Costa

    - Coutinho

    - De Gea

    - Dembele

    - Donnaruma

    - Falco

    - Giroud

    - Griezmann

    - Immobile

    - Insigne

    - Isco

    - Jesus

    - Kenedy

    - Koulibaly

    - Kroos

    - Lacazette

    - Lenglet

    - Luis Alberto

    - Lukaku

    - Mata

    - Matic

    - Mertens

    - Nainggolan

    - Payet

    - Pique

    - Rashford

    - Reus

    - Robertson

    - Rodriguez

    - Rojo

    - Ronaldo

    - Rondon

    - Schurrle

    - Suarez

    - Tolisso

    - Zaha

    - Ziyech

    - Boateng

    - Ramsey


Better menus for manager career (added features)

    I have added the following menu tiles:

        - Request Funds

        - Injury List

        - Old league table

        - View all fixtures/results

        - Old other leagues tables

        - Change kit number

        - Edit transfers

        - Edit other team's team sheets

    And I've made the following improvments to the menu tiles:

        - Going into transfer history now sorts the transfers by fee instead of date


    All of these are in addition to all menu tiles.


Plus hundreds and hundreds of other realistic tweaks here and there.

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Text tutorial

If you don't want to watch the video above, then this is how you install this mod:


1. Install frosty mod manager (latest version required, or higher).
2. Open frosty mod manager
3. Choose the FIFA 19.exe (normally found in C:/Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 19)
4. In the bottom left corner, click "Import Mod(s)"
5. Import "Messi Face Update 1.0 by FIFER.fbmod".
6. Next to "Remove Mod(s)" in the bottom left corner, click "Apply Mod(s)"
7. Then click "Launch"
8. You'll have to launch the game trough Frosty Mod Manager every time you want it to be applied

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Contact me directly
You can contact me directly on discord by adding me as a friend.

I'm @LWS#7782