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Ultra realistic career mod for FIFA 19

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You can either join a live chat with me using the live chat feature in the bottom right hand corner of the website, or join one of the discords. I can help you quicker if you joint he discord.

Features list:


Realistic Sacking/Board

    - The board is now more ruthless, and can sack you even if you are only a few months in

    - The league and european cup is now more important then the domestic cup in terms of manager score and Sacking

    - Made the gap bigger between financial strictnesses. Depending on the setting, 65%, 75% or 95% of player sales go back into your transfer budget

    - Your manager rating now does not go up after a draw

    - Made it all the transfer budget remaining for the previous season gets added to the new one


Realistic Settings

    - Injury returns are now more realistic, and players must player 1-2 games to fully recover

    - Updated currency conversions


Realistic Gameplay

    - Gameplay is now more consistent, and in turn removes some of the "scripting"

    - Derby, Rival, Away and Important games are now all harder to play


Realistic Form

    - Form differs between players more

    - Match ratings reflect form better


Realistic GTN Scouting

    - It takes less long to scout a player

    - Scouting in own league is now easier

    - Reveal level for info is now more realistic

    - Player data expires in more amount of time



Realistic Job Offers

    - You now get more job offers if you are doing well, less if you are doing badly

    - Only succsesful/well known managers get offers from big teams


Realistic AI team selection

    - The AI now put out their best 11 in big matches, and rotate against smaller teams, less important matches or before a big game

    - Players in form get picked more often


Realistic Morale

    - Only players in and around the starting 11 get mad if they don't get played, and will try to leave if they don't get enoguh game time

    - Reserve players are happy with only a couple of starts


Realistic AI contract renewel

    - The AI now renew almost all of their player's contracts, so there are only a couple of deent players you can get on a Features


Realistic Player Growth/Decline

    - Players grow partially based on form

    - Old players don't decline as fast, and the stats they lose is more widespread, so Messi doesn't lose 10-20 sprint speed in season 3


Realistic Player Retirement

    - Players can now play a lot longer (35+)


Realistic Player Values

    - Big players like Messi, Mbappe, Ronaldo, etc are worth nearly 200 mil and very hard to buy

    - Form, morale and contract length weight more into morale


Realistic Player Wages

    - Wages are a lot lower for the most part

    - Players with high potential now have a higher wage and ask for more (Donnaruma, Mbappe)

    - Players ask for more in top leagues, and less for bottom leagues


Realistic Scouting

    - 90+ potential players are rare and even with 5* 5* scouts, you'll only find a few each season

    - Scouts are more expensive and it now takes a lot of money to get good players

    - Heights for YA players are now more realistic based on position

    - Workrates for YA players are now more realistic based on position (you will rarley find a ST with a low attacking work rate, etc)

    - Skill moves and weak foot for YA players are now much higher and more reaistic (no more 1* 1* wingers)


Realistic Siming

    - Teams now win the league wth 90+ points

    - Teams now get relegated with around 20

    - Positions are more realistic (the top 6 in the prem is normally the top 6 now)

    - Goalscorers are more realistic (higher and Kane, Sterling, etc will win the golden boot, not Vardy)

    - Top assisters, yellow cards and red cards are all more realistic (player and amount)

    - More injures happen in sim games


Realistic Transfers, Loans and Negotiations

    - Teams now don't stock up on one position

    - English players don't leave England

    - Good teams don't sell bad players

    - More transfers occur

    - Big players move to big teams, and not Austria

    - Players don't move to rival clubs

    - Less players move to teams where they won't start

    - Teams pay more for players, espesially on deadline day

    - A team's best players don't go out on loan

    - It's risky to do transfers on deadline day, as if you delgate they may take 3+ hours

    - Teams/player's now accept less low offers compared to what they want (it's a lot harder to negotiate now)

    - More realistic league transfer interactions

    - Every time a player signs/loans for a team they always lose at least 1 potential


Realistic Training

    - You can now train all stats (composure, sprint speed, etc)

    - Realistic stats vs drll (composure for penalties, etc)

    - Training is less OP (it's half as efective)


Better menus (added features back)

    I have added the following menu tiles back:

        - Request Funds

        - Squad Report

        - Injury List

        - Squad Ranking

        - Old league table

        - Change kit number

    All of these are in additon to all menu tiles.

    I have also made some more quality of life menu changes such as putting squad hub first on the toggle on the first page, not transfer hub


Plus hundreads, hundreads of other realistic value tweaks here and there.


How to install:


    Video Tutorial:



        1. Download the .rar 

        2. Install Frosty Mod Manager (

        3. Run Frosty Mod Manager as admin

        4. Select your FIFA 19 profile.

        5. Click "import mods" and open the .rar you downloaded

        6. Click "apply mods"

        7. Click Launch

    If any errors appear then delete defaultsettings.ini





        - Release



    - Play on directx11 (you can do so by going into FIFA settings)

    - Launching with Origin will not apply the mod

    - If you want to use this on the cracked version of the game, you will most likley need the project file. This is only avalible for Tier 3+ Patrons.

    - Put this mod at the bottom of the applied list for maximum affect

    - Player wages will not apply to your team for current saves. What they ask for will. And for other teams everything Works

    - Other than what I mentioned above, everything works for new or existing saves.




FIFER (main creator of the mod)

Paulv2k4 (he inspired me to make this mod, and I have used his files as I reference to see which values he edited to get what result)

Lice23 (he has helped me with a few things along the way like transfers)


    And all alpha testers!












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FIFA Modding Server
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and help with RDBM.


Text tutorial

If you don't want to watch the video above, then this is how you install this mod:


1. Install frosty mod manager (latest version required, or higher).
2. Open frosty mod manager
3. Choose the FIFA 19.exe (normally found in C:/Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\FIFA 19)
4. In the bottom left corner, click "Import Mod(s)"
5. Import "Messi Face Update 1.0 by FIFER.fbmod".
6. Next to "Remove Mod(s)" in the bottom left corner, click "Apply Mod(s)"
7. Then click "Launch"
8. You'll have to launch the game trough Frosty Mod Manager every time you want it to be applied

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frosty mod manager)


Contact me directly
You can contact me directly on discord by adding me as a friend.

I'm @LWS#7782

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